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General Wattage Chart

Curious about wattage characteristics for particular appliances?

Wattage formulas:

Amps X Volts = Watts

Watts / Volts = Amps

Watts / Amps = Volts



26,500 watts

Elec. furnace, 2000sf, cold climate

7941 watts

Elec. furnace, 1000sf, warm climate

1440 watts

Electric space heater (high)

900 watts

Electric space heater (medium)

600 watts

Electric space heater (low)

750 watts

Gas furnace (for the blower)

1100 watts

Waterbed heater

450 watts

Waterbed heater (avg. 10 hrs./day)


3500 watts

Central Air Conditioner (2.5 tons)

1440 watts

Window unit AC, huge

900 watts

Window unit AC, medium

500 watts

Tiny-ass window unit AC

750 watts

Central AC fan (no cooling)

More efficient cooling

400 watts

Evaporative cooler

350 watts

Whole-house fan

100 watts

Floor or box fan (high speed)

90 watts

52" ceiling fan (high speed)

75 watts

48" ceiling fan (high speed)

55 watts

36" ceiling fan (high speed)

24 watts

42" ceiling fan (low speed)

Major appliances

4400 watts

Clothes dryer (electric)

see sep. page

Washing machine

3800 watts

Water heater (electric)

200-700 watts

Refrigerator (compressor)

57-160 watts

Refrigerator (average)

3600 watts

Dishwasher (washer heats water)

2000 watts

Electric oven, 350F

1178 watts

Electric oven, self-cleaning mode
(takes 4.5 hrs, 5.3 kWh total)

1200 watts

Dishwasher (dry cycle)

200 watts

Dishwasher (no water heating or drying)

Computers  (see more about electrical use of computers)

150-340 watts

Desktop Computer & 17" CRT monitor

1-20 watts

Desktop Computer & Monitor (in sleep mode)

90 watts

17" CRT monitor

40 watts

17" LCD monitor

45 watts

Laptop computer
Televisions & Videogames

191-474 watts

50-56" Plasma television

210-322 watts

50-56" LCD television

150-206 watts

50-56" DLP television

188-464 watts

42" Plasma television

91-236 watts

42" LCD television

98-156 watts

32" LCD television

55-90 watts

19" CRT television

45 watts

HD cable box (varies by model)

194 watts


185 watts

Xbox 360

70 watts


30 watts


18 watts

Nintendo Wii (source)

1440 watts

Microwave oven or 4-slot Toaster

900 watts

Coffee maker

800 watts

Range burner

4 watts

Clock radio

3 watt-hours

Total power stored by an alkaline AA battery. This is to put batteries into perspective. If you could power your clock radio with a AA battery, it wouldn't even last an hour. We have more on batteries on our Guide to Household Batteries.

Wattage varies from model to model!  Figures above are examples. 

See How to Misquote this Website.

Data for specific models of appliances is available at the Power Consumption Database.





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