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'THE EXTREME' Solar Generator Package (single 100-watt panel "Power Station 1400" Lithium Generator Package (single 100-watt panel) "Power Station 1400 Double" -  Lithium Generator Package (2 100-watt panels)
Extreme Solar Generator Kit

Power your refrigerator, freezer, critical appliances, medical equipment, air-conditioner and power tools without the toxic fumes of a gas generator. Powered by Goal Zero's 1250-watt Yeti, our EXTREME power package has it all. Best for extended 'Off the Grid" use with the Boulder 100-watt folding Solar Panel briefcase, 2 light-a-life lamps and a 30-foot solar panel extension cord. Complete with attachable wheel cart (generator weighs 110 pounds)

Just $1895.00 includes shipping!


Complete power station featuring Goal Zero's superior lithium series technology utilizing 1400-watts of power in a light-weight 45 pound unit, plus a Boulder 100-watt suitcase solar panel with carry-case for fast charging. Comes with 2 Light-A-Life LED Lamps that are bright and light as well as functional with 350 lumins each (only 3-watts each).

Universal Inverter includes digital display, two 110-volt grounded plugs, 12-volt connectors with cig-plug female and 4 USB charging ports. Complete kit features a 30-foot solar panel extension cord help you gather light outside and bring it in to where it's needed.

Power you can count on for $2339.00 (includes shipping!)


Double your recharge capacity with our premium package featuring our 1400 Lithium-Series Generator and TWO (2) Boulder 100-watt Folding Briefcase Panels with easy-carry cases. Also comes with 2 light-a-life lamps, a multi-panel connector and 30-foot extension cord.

Better for off-the-grid living when you have to depend on the sun only.

$2599.00 and includes shipping


400-watt Solar Power Station - Home, Office, Camping

Solar Power Venture 70 Kit with Lantern for Camping, Hiking & Backpacking

400-watt solar generator kit

My wife uses this handy solar generator to power her home office whenever there's a power failure, but it can also power your refrigerator. I use it when I go camping in the Sierras because it powers my lights, portable refrigerator, entertainment and easily recharges any phones, cameras, laptops and other tech.

A very handy solar kit that we recommend for anyone. Universal Inverter has 2 grounded AC plugs, a cig charger and 3 USB chargers, and comes with a powerful 100-watt foldable suitcase solar panel with 30-foot extension and a bright Light-a-Life lamp.

$1049.00 - includes shipping

Recharge your devices with both lightning and micro cords from this powerful 70-watt battery from Goal Zero. You can also recharge directly from the sun with the 14-watt Nomad solar panel as well as from the Lighthouse Mini-Lantern. A great package and value and only available right here.

  • Our Solar Power Venture 70 Kit has everything you'll need for that next backpacking adventure
  • The Venture 70 Power Pack with 70 watts of power and 2 high-speed ports with BOTH micro and lightning chargingcords
  • Foldable 14watt Solar Panel with kickstand recharges your Venture 70 and your Lantern as well as other devices directly from the sun
  • Powerful 200 Lumen Lighthouse Mini-Lantern hangs up to light your campsite or tent and also serves as a charger

$279.95 - includes shipping


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